Williamsburg Consort

The Williamsburg Consort, the only Adult Symphonic Band Festival in VA, was chartered in 2002. Highlights of the first year were a joint concert with the Air Force Heritage of America Band and a Swing Band and Sectional Concert. Sixty participants from CA to Nova Scotia were led by Commander Allen Beck. Williamsburg Consort 2003 had 80 musicians, WC 2004 had 90 and WC 2005 had 97 led by Colonel L. Bryan Shelburne. We had Ensemble Concerts, Swing Band Dances, and Joint Concerts with the Continental Army Band, the Atlantic Fleet Band, and the Williamsburg Choral Guild. WC 2006 was led by Colonel Arnald Gabriel with 105 musicians. WC 2007 had 105 musicians led by Colonel L. Bryan Shelburne. Lt. Colonel Larry Lang conducted 105 musicians in 2008 and Adam Frey was the guest euphonium soloist. In 2009, we had 110 musicans conducted by Colonel L. Bryan Shelburneand Ken Watters and Maggie Worsdale were the soloists. In 2010, we had 115 musicians conducted by Lt. Colonel Larry Lang with guest soloists, Tom Puwalski, clarinetist and Maggie Worsdale, vocalist. For our 10th Anniversary Consort, we had 110 musicians with Anthony Maiello as guest conductor and Dale Underwood, saxophonist and Maggie Worsdale, vocalist. For our 11th year, we had 112 musicians with Scott Guidry as our conductor and Nan Raphael and Maggie Worsdale as our guest soloists. Brian Worsdale was our conductor for our 12th year with Maggie Worsdale and Harry Watters, soloists and 115 musicians. Scott Guidry returned as our conductor for our 13th year with 113 musicians, and Maggie Worsdale, Vocalist and Joseph Lovinsky, French Horn Soloist.